Covid Cleaning And Handover

We have ensured for your safety that we follow any Government guidelines when hiring out our motorhome.

We have in our terms and conditions that you the hirer should clean thoroughly for return to us the hirer. Ensure windows are open when stationary to allow good fresh air circulation while using Bunty.

Upon receiving the vehicle, we will clean all spaces inside thoroughly with appropriate cleaning materials and to a high standard, paying attention to the hard surfaces in the habitation area and the driving cabin. Windows will be opened to allow maximum fresh air passage.

Please wear face masks at handover. Maintain safe distancing where possible during handover and we suggest only the owner and one hirer be present inside the van during handover to afford room for each person to keep a safe distance as possible in a difficult space.

In addition, we will wash the outside of the van before each hire.

Feel free to ask questions of us to reassure yourself that we have carried out there procedures.

To restrict the time spent inside the vehicle explaining the habitation controls and assembly of the beds etc we have produced a number of short videos for your guidance which are on our Facebook page in the video section.

Please take the time to watch them, hopefully before you pick up Bunty.

We enclose Government posted guidelines to reassure you and to follow. Please follow strictly any local Covid Instructions in areas you may be travelling through of have been through. Always inform us the owners if you have shown any symptoms whilst using our vehicle. This allows us to adjust our cleaning regime if necessary.